Clients - Commercial work

Canadian Space Agency
Canadian Rovers DM
Canada's 50 years in space DM
Dir.: Jean-Pierre Arsenault, Saint-Hubert, QC Canada
Photography & HD videography (Nikon D3, Sony EX3)
Green screen shoots for chromakey editing
Adobe Premiere, After Effects NL editing - Media management & distribution on cloud based server Kaltura

Dir.: Dominique Beaulieu, Quebec, Canada
Adobe Premiere NL editing & transcoding for the Web
Studio photography

E-Stream Video
BMW sponsor clips
Dir.: Jayne McCaw, Toronto Canada
Canadian Olympic team - Shoulder mount camera shoots FS700

Veritas Communications - Subway
Random acts of fitness with Jared Fogle
Commercial clips - Shoulder mount Sony PDW700

Axon Communications
Novartis Medical Services & Products
Dir.: Erik Lindberg, New York, USA
Commercial clips - Camera steady P2 HVX200 - Sound & Kinoflow lighting

Best Link Films
Art Changing Life
Dir.: Natalya Bronzova, Montreal QC Canada
Documentary feature (60 minutes) - DoP, camera & colour grading (FCP Colour)
Dir.: Celinka Serre, Montreal, QC Canada
Drama short movie (15 minutes) - DoP, camera Panasonic DVX100, lights & production
Dir.: Andre Beriault, Montreal QC Canada
Drama short movie (9 minutes) - DoP Sony F350, lights & productions

BK Nexxent for Asahi TV News (Japan)
Yvan Mengivar, a true fighter
Dir.: Aya Hibino, New York, USA Documentary for TV (30 minutes) - Shoulder reality camera Sony DSR 500

GMP Image Group
Known safety & security issues
Dir.: Michel Nussbaumer, Montreal QC Canada
Corporate clips for Kruger Papers - Shoulder camera Sony DSR 300

Rousskiye Uzzorie
Dir.: Natalya Chatilova, Montreal QC Canada
Commercial clips: Gypsies dance group - Shoulder mount Sony DSR30

Dir.: Josée Dufour, Charleston USA
Corporate clips: GT18 TomaAx - Camera DSR30 Final Cut pro NL editing & Web transcoding

High Key productions
Dir: Andrei Khabad
Set photography on corporate clips

Geneviève Cleary
Belluscious Girls
Dir.: Geneviève Cleary and her Cabaret group at the Musée Juste pour rire in Montreal, Canada
Show photography capture

Les films Ma Production
Le Toubib
Director: Aziz El Jahidy, , Montreal
Quebec-Moroco co-production
Set photography

Soul Eclectic
Street Chic Fashion
Dir.: Sabine Dal
Défilé de mode - Le Latulipe théâtre, Montreal
Set photography

Yulia Posmagaeva
Studio portraits
Artist & cabaret danser
Studio IO in Moscow, Russia
Press & Portfolio studio photograohy

Robert Cedergren Centre
Dir.: Marie Robichaud, University of Montreal, Canada
Photos de presse et portfolio

La relève en folie 2004 et 2005
Fashion show at the Monument National, Montral Canada
Show photography

Productions AVANTI
SMASH II, (émission/show number 9)
Dir.: Ricardo Troggi
Set photography

SOHO / PME magazines
Dir.: Caroline Mac Cleary, Formula Publications, Oakville, Canada
Cover photography for 2003, 2004, 2005 issues

David Pelletier
Acteur TV / TV comedian (Les Poupées Russes)
Press, studio & DVD cover photography

Sébastien Bergeron
Acteur et chanteur / TV comedian and singer
Press, studio & DVD cover photography

Corporate Magic US
Land Rover Launch
Dir.: Bonnie Kudlikcky, Texas, USA
Rover L3 launch event at Queen Elisabeth hôtel in Montreal
Set photography

Salon Atmosphère
Annuel fashion show
Dir.: Julie Carrières, St-Basil, QC Canada
Press & portfolio photography of 52 models

Les films du 23
Dir.: Frédéric Plourde
Drama short movie
Set photography

Art director: Rob Carter, McGill & Associates, Toronto
Content photography of featured retail members

GT18 et TomaAx
Dir.: Josée Dufour, Forestville, QC Canada
2000 Gyrotrack vehicules
Catalogue & Web site photography

Film Festivals

Art Changing Life
Best Link Films
Producer, DoP, cameraman, colour grading
First public viewing at the Moscow Film Festival - Special screening 2010

Best Link Films
Producer, DoP and NL editor
New York International Film Festival New York 2008 - Official Selection
London Short Film Showcase London 2008 - Official Selection

Best Link Films
Co producer, DoP, cameraman
Premiere at Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montreal 2005


One photo from my Constructivism collection name Millenium was presented amongst 52 other world photographer.
The open air exhibition Russian Paysages was presented to the Moscow public in Manage Square facing the Kremlin in September & October 2011.
The exhibit will then travel throughout Russia and bordering countries during 2012 & 2013.

Waiting for summer
One select photograph "Waiting for summer" was selected for the Canadian Cameras at work exhibit presented in Peking at the Three Shadows art center in 2009. The photo was part of a Canadian photographers collective illustrating Canada for the Chinese publicic.
The exhibit, sponsered the the Nexus center in Montreal will then tour several cities in China during 2010 & 2012

My portraiture of artists
My private "artitst" portrait collection presented to the Moscow public at the Gregory Pototsky Art Gallery in 2008

Where is he?
One select photo from my Candy Nature collection presented World Spyder Colour Awards
Photo received "Honorary Color Master" title in the category NATURE in 2007

The MUSE collection
5 photos of my MUSE collection presented at the commercial fair Montreal Art Expo in 2007
Over 187 artists from around the world were present at the art show

Nomination of 3 photos from my Nudes collection presented at the Nude World Photo Symposium in Latvia in 2006
Workshop production was also shown

America Victorious
A 32 photo reportage collection of Gregory Pototsky bronze monuments where presented to the American public at the Cook County City Hall in Chicago in 2006.

Gallerie Gregory Pototsky 2006
Rencontre du milieu culturel de Moscou en 2006. Présentation de ma collection MUSE

Fashion Concours
Selection of 10 fashion portraits at the FOCUS 2005 fashion photo concours organised by Overture Lifestyle magazine in 2005

Source 1,& 2
Photo Expo Plus 2003 2 photos of my Living Water collection officially selected for the prestigious APA booth in New York in 2003
Photos by 200 photographers accross the US & Canada were selected from over 35,000 offerings for the Photo Expo Plus exhibition

Source 1, 2 & 3
3 photos on the theme of water presented at the BlowUp Gallery in Montreal in 2005
CAPIC members officiel event.

Laval University photo clup, OPTICA event.
Presentation of club member's work to the Quebec City public in 2008 at the Alphonse Desjardins Gallery