I offer contract services worlwide in photography, videography and Web design.
All the photographs shown in my various Collections can be purchased, please visit the Buying my work in the MY WORK section in the menu above


Documentary photography for book or Web publicaton
Exclusive portraiture in studio or outdoors
Photo retouching
Photo finishing & treatment
Commercial photo works
Studio lighting

Main work tools:
. Photoshop
. Lightroom
. Bridge

One day seminars available:
. Understanding the camera lens
. Setting up your digital data storage
. Understanding digital image formats
Documentary productions
Drama productions
Planning a film production
Camara works to 5K in 24-48p Image & lighting direction (DOP)
Assisting the director (1st. assistant)
Data flow/management on set
NL Editing (Editor)
Color grading & sound correction

Main work tools:
. Adobe CC: Premiere Pro, Audition, Speed grader
. DaVinci Resolve 12
. Final Cut Pro x
. RAW translators (Red Cine)
. LUT tables and LOG shoot
UX-UI prototypes
Functional analysis
Process flow analysis
Designing responsive sites & apps
HTML & CSS integration
Main work tools:
. Adobe Brackets (direct editing)
. Dreamweaver (wysywyg)
. Axure RP

Rates vary depending on service, location and duration.
I work using daily, weekly or monthly rates
For most countries I use rates based on the Canadian $ exchange rate for that country!
For the Philippines, I use the local value rates current there.

All my digital work is on Apple OSX latest edition